Sunday, March 11, 2018

Molley Green Community Day

Kia Ora Everyone,

Room 6 have had yet another busy week at the Hay Park Headquarters this week. Our highlight this week has to be the preparations for Molley Green Community Day - which was held on Saturday 10th March at Molley Green Park.

The brief we were given was to 'get creative in the kitchen' meaning create some delicious treats to sell. Fudge seemed like the way to go: simple to make, scrumptious to taste! So armed with our basic ingredients: icing sugar, condensed milk, chocolate and butter, two groups set to work creating fudge. It was hard work as once the condensed milk, butter and icing sugar were combined, it was really difficult to mix together!

Although not everyone was able to participate in the actual creation of the fudge, we all got to make a label to go on our product and some of us made posters to advertise it.

Finally, after 21 long hours of setting in the fridge, the fudge was ready to be sliced and wrapped ready to be sold! Check out our slides showing all our hard work and finished products!

We're happy to report that our product was the first to sell out on the day! Yippee!!

That's all for now brilliant bloggers! Don't forget, leave us a message and we'll get back to you!

Miss B and the Parekowhai Peeps!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The World's Craziest Excuses by Parekowhai

Talofa lava bloggers,

This week we have been getting our teeth into our class novel 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom' by Louis Sachar. So far we have been enjoying learning about Bradley - who is quite possibly one of the naughtiest boys ever - and his never ending list of ridiculous excuses. That made us think about the different excuses we've heard or even used for various reasons such as why we forgot our homework or were late to school.

Check out these examples by Rhia and Kanishka. Aren't they silly? Let these two wonderful pupils know what you think to their excuses.

Have you ever used a ridiculous excuse? Comment and let us know what it was!

See you later,

Miss B and the Parekowhai Crew :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Parekowhai Class Assembly!

G'day Bloggers,

This week has been manically busy. We have all been busy little bees in room 6 preparing for the first whole class assembly of 2018. A huge task to take but no challenge too hard for us tough lot!

Our first assembly sees us show casing a few of the exciting adventures we have already had this year. Check out our learning slides - watch out for the video of us demonstrating how we show the Hay Park Way in room 6.

Let us know your thoughts!

Til next time

Miss B and the Parekowhai Crew

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcome To Parekowhai Class 2018

Kia Ora.

Welcome back to the start of another fabulous year in Room 6.

Please browse our class newsletter to find out what's happening this term!

Miss Berry

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

End of Term BINGO!

Happy holidays everyone!

Just a quick recap of our last day on Friday.... Here's how it went:

The whole day was dedicated to a big game of BINGO. Everyone had access to an interactive activity bingo board which was full of tasks that needed to be completed during the whole day!

Here's the Bingo board:

We could choose which activity to start at and the first challenge was to complete a row and yell, 'BINGO!' then prove we had completed all the activities. Talal was the first one to complete a row so then it was all to play for... full house!

 One of the activities on the bingo board was 'Go Noodle'. Check out the video's of us dancing away. All in all a great last day.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Milk MOOstaches!

Just a quick update today..

So apparently today is 'World School Milk Day' so to celebrate this most of the children in Henderson class drank their milk a bit differently...

I wonder if you can identify what we did differently today...?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Terrific Tristar Gymnastics

Hola blog fans,

 Yesterday, Thursday 21st September, we were all incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to test out the skills we have been learning with Ethan (our marvelous coach) at the well equipped Tristar gym in Keith Hay Park. What a treat it was too!

First of all though, we all hurtled to the park because we were going to have 10 minutes play on the Flying Fox. Some of us had a turn whizzing through the air from one side to the next while others opted to play on the park equipment.

 However, it didn't last long since we had to be at the gym by 12pm. Arriving at the gym, we were met by one of the coaches called Kane. After taking off our shoes and socks we headed with glee into the gymnasium. Wow! It was HUGE! There was every piece of gym equipment imaginable and the floor was so soft and spongy and bouncing around it almost felt like walking in space.

Kane whizzed through the instructions and rules of being in the gym and after a quick warm up of Stuck in the Mud and practicing our shapes we were led through a circuit by Ethan. There were trampolines, spring boards, beams and all sorts of things imaginable for us to use. I think it's safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trampolines but the biggest treat has to be the foam pit right at the end where we had to have a tag relay. Running through the pit was certainly a challenge - like I would imagine running through treacle! But such fun. Then just before we left something really funny happened..

We were all trying to hug the instructors as our way of saying thanks for all the fun lessons we've had throughout the term. Kane didn't want to be hugged so he ran off yelling, 'You can't catch me!' Suddenly, everyone was chasing him as if the class were predators and Kane was the prey. We were all laughing so hard. He ran right through the gym and through the foam pit.

 Overall, a GREAT day. I think it's safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves and would love to do it again EVERY WEEK!

 If we were going to rate the day, we'd give it a star rating of 5 stars out of 5!! Epic!

 Hope you enjoyed reading our post about Tristar Gymnastics! Check out our pics too!!