Monday, September 17, 2018

Stolen Dog Poo!

Good morning blogging world,

Today I have read something a little bit bizarre… Some giant dog poop has been stolen! The 3 metre high dog dirt, which was inflatable, made the news because it was part of a campaign to encourage people to pick up their dog’s poop.

This weird situation happened in a small town called Torrelodones near Madrid in Spain.

Why would someone want to steal some giant poop?

Thanks for reading. You can read more here.


Hi Bloggers,

Today I have read a very upsetting article about my favourite animal - the cuddly koala. Because it is conservation week, I really wanted to share this important bit of news.

The article informs us about Koalas. The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are trying to fix the problem.

The main message of this news article is that koalas are in great danger of becoming extinct by 2050. This is a problem because of people clearing land meaning the koalas have no place left to live.

The koalas that are in the biggest danger are those in New South Wales, Australia.

What can we do to help?

Thanks for reading. You can find out more information here.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Can chocolate be good for you?

Wonderopolis is a site full of wondrous things people have been pondering.

Here is the answer to our Wonder!

Do any of the answers match what we thought?

I wonder...

Can chocolate be good for you?

Today in Room 6 we are exploring different wonders. Leave a comment with what you think! DON'T Google it!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

YouTube: You either love it or hate it!

Hi Bloggers,

This week we did some focused writing around YouTube. In Parekowhai Class we LOVE YouTube but we're finding that it's full of the good vs the bad so this week we decided to locate some wonderfully useful videos that are fun yet educational.

To see the task in full, hop on over to our class site otherwise I'm handing it over to Patrick and Kanishka.

Patrick's Blog

Kanishka's Blog

 Don't forget to check out their blogs and let them know what you think!

 See you next time.

Miss B & Parekowhai C;ass

Friday, July 27, 2018

Term 3, Week 1

Hola Blogger Fanatics,

It's hard to believe that the first week of Term 3 has ended. The year certainly is flying by.

This term is a HUGE one for our school, Hay Park, because we are preparing for our big production which is based on the awesome book by Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things are. Have you heard of it?

So for our first week we have immersed ourselves in the story. Check out the Where the Wild Things Are page on our class site. The link is here. These were some of the tasks we have been working on this week.

One of our focuses was practicing reading with expression. Here is the fantastic Fatima reading the story with enthusiasm and expression:

Have a little look at the student individual blogs to see some more videos of the story being read and don't forget to drop a comment letting us know what you think!

See you next time!

Miss B and the Parekowhai Crew!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Bad Habits!

Buenos Dias!

This week Room 6 have been talking about their bad habits. We would love to share with you some of our bad habits! Make sure that you check out all of the children's blogs to find out what their individual bad habits are. Many of them share the same bad habit. Can you guess what it is?

Here is Miss Berry's bad habit:

Today I want to share with you all about my bad habits. Everybody has a bad habit but not everybody has the same ones. Bad habits are something you have no control over and you struggle to stop doing even if you are told not to. They are often things you sometimes do without thinking. Some people pick their nose (and eat it) while others simply eat too much chocolate. I have many bad habits but my worst habit has got to be biting my fingernails.

Firstly, biting your nails is one of the most gross habits in the world. Why? Think about what you do with your hands everyday… You use them for everything: typing on your chromebook, opening doors, eating your lunch and even wiping your bum! Bacteria likes to fester underneath fingernails because they are a warm, safe place to breed. When I put my fingers in my mouth and begin to chew at my poor fingernails, I am also eating the germs - including poo particles. Disgusting! It can also ruin your teeth as it can wear away at the enamel and mean your teeth are chipped.

I therefore think it’s time to quit the habit! Has anyone managed to break this habit? Maybe you can give me some tips!

See you later! :)