Monday, August 21, 2017

Time Lapse of The Chicks!

Hi everyone,

When we first saw our little chicks hatch we decided to do a time lapse so that we can see what happens when we aren't here. We saw some chicks hatch and some just sit there and be rolled around by the hatched animals. We have funny moments in the videos. Us students crowed the area and saw that Chica was a little naughty and kicked the other unhatched eggs, just like she was playing soccer!
Blog you later,
Shreya :)

This is time lapse one! 

Enjoy time lapse two! 

Last time lapse for today!

Noho Ora Mai,


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eggciting Update...

Hi everyone,

So much has happened in the last few days since the eggs arrived.

Tuesday was a very quiet day. We all waited patiently watching the eggs and anticipating the new arrivals. Sadly, nothing happened which was disappointing considering other classes had one or two chicks hatched and some of ours had started pipping.. Nevertheless, on Wednesday morning we arrived to BIG excitement! Nor one, two but THREE of the chicks had hatched and were happily chirping in the incubator. What great news. Unfortunately, as it had happened overnight, we missed the whole thing. Luckily, there was a couple of eggs very very close to hatching so we set up an ipad to do a time lapse so we definitely wouldn't miss anything (and we didn't). By the end of the day we had a grand total of six cheeky chicks to care for.

Fast forward to Thursday. Our remaining three unhatched eggs had still not hatched. One had shown no signs of pipping whereas the other two had started to crack and you could see their dander poking through. We waited patiently throughout the day but there was still no signs of movement. We were starting to get a little worried. As if by magic, Jo (from Living Eggs) returned to see how it was all going and we were able to share our concerns. She told us it was best that she helped out - which shouldn't really happen because it's not letting nature take its course but sometimes its crucial -  by gently peeling the egg and releasing the chick. Jo said that the membrane on the shell was that thick that there was no chance the chick could have hatched itself - poor thing. Both remaining chicks were given a bath (carefully so not to get water near their beaks). Luckily both chicks, who ended up being girls, survived and are currently drying out in the incubator together.

Check out the pictures! We'll update soon with the time lapse that we took soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for eggstra updates :-)

Monday, August 14, 2017

They're here!

How exciting! The fertilised eggs have arrived.

A lady called Jo, who is from Living Eggs, came in just after morning tea and introduced us to the 9 unhatched chicks. They are currently living in an incubator which provides the eggs with the necessary warmth and moisture that they require. As responsible guardians for the chicks, we have to ensure that the eggs are safe, have a temperature of 37.7 degrees and have enough water topped up in the water trays. The water trays aren't there to drink from. They actually react with the heat from the heating element at the top of the incubator and create some humidity which forms moisture. The moisture keeps the egg from drying up so that the chick can hatch easily.

One of our eggs is pipping already! This means the chick is beginning to use its egg tooth to break free. Miss Berry even heard the chick inside chirping away and the little egg was rocking backwards and forwards at 3.15pm today. We think this might be the first one to hatch! Yay!

Once they have begun to hatch, we will transfer them into the brooder. We must make sure that they are completely dry and ready before they move to their next home though. They also can't go alone and must go with a buddy. After all, wouldn't you be lonely if you had to move into a strange house with your friends or family?
Miss Berry has organised us into groups so we can complete the daily

 jobs that will ensure we look after the chicks responsibly. We'll update later on in the week to share how it's going!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hatching Chicks!

G'day/Kia ora/hello,

In Henderson class, we have been very busy since the start of term 3 - which is now 3 weeks ago!! We started with a new teacher - Miss Berry - and have been working hard on our fresh start and positive attitude.

So far we been looking deeply into oral hygiene - which basically means how we can care for our teeth and mouth. We heard a little rumour that some of our favourite drinks, which were full of sugar, are actually pretty bad for out teeth so we set up a little investigation to see just how bad they were.

Boiled eggs make a great substitute for teeth as they have the soft interior like the pulp and dentine but also a hard shell exterior like our teeth enamel. We chose to investigate the effect of Gatorade, Coca Cola, Lift, coffee, milk and water. To our surprise, within a couple of days Gatorade began to erode away the top brown surface of the egg shell and it wasn't long before some ants invaded on all the cups with the sugary drinks in.

So we can conclude that water and milk are the best drinks for our teeth as they made little change (and the ants weren't interested). Coffee seemed to make our egg turn dark which is why some people who drink tea and coffee have discoloured teeth. The other drinks really should be avoided or only drunk on very special occasions and through a straw to protect our poor teeth.

Crazy huh?!

This week is going to be very exciting! We will be having an incubator installed into our classroom and more eggs! Only this time they are living eggs which will eventually hatch into chicks. We really will have to be responsible and respectful learners taking care for these delicate eggs. Hopefully we'll have better results then the eggs we submerged into liquids!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the next few weeks. We can't wait!!!