Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Milk MOOstaches!

Just a quick update today..

So apparently today is 'World School Milk Day' so to celebrate this most of the children in Henderson class drank their milk a bit differently...

I wonder if you can identify what we did differently today...?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Terrific Tristar Gymnastics

Hola blog fans,

 Yesterday, Thursday 21st September, we were all incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to test out the skills we have been learning with Ethan (our marvelous coach) at the well equipped Tristar gym in Keith Hay Park. What a treat it was too!

First of all though, we all hurtled to the park because we were going to have 10 minutes play on the Flying Fox. Some of us had a turn whizzing through the air from one side to the next while others opted to play on the park equipment.

 However, it didn't last long since we had to be at the gym by 12pm. Arriving at the gym, we were met by one of the coaches called Kane. After taking off our shoes and socks we headed with glee into the gymnasium. Wow! It was HUGE! There was every piece of gym equipment imaginable and the floor was so soft and spongy and bouncing around it almost felt like walking in space.

Kane whizzed through the instructions and rules of being in the gym and after a quick warm up of Stuck in the Mud and practicing our shapes we were led through a circuit by Ethan. There were trampolines, spring boards, beams and all sorts of things imaginable for us to use. I think it's safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trampolines but the biggest treat has to be the foam pit right at the end where we had to have a tag relay. Running through the pit was certainly a challenge - like I would imagine running through treacle! But such fun. Then just before we left something really funny happened..

We were all trying to hug the instructors as our way of saying thanks for all the fun lessons we've had throughout the term. Kane didn't want to be hugged so he ran off yelling, 'You can't catch me!' Suddenly, everyone was chasing him as if the class were predators and Kane was the prey. We were all laughing so hard. He ran right through the gym and through the foam pit.

 Overall, a GREAT day. I think it's safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves and would love to do it again EVERY WEEK!

 If we were going to rate the day, we'd give it a star rating of 5 stars out of 5!! Epic!

 Hope you enjoyed reading our post about Tristar Gymnastics! Check out our pics too!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

First Aid and Bikes!

Hi everyone! Wow - what an incredible couple of weeks. There has been lots going on in Henderson class what with an extra skateboarding lesson, first aid training, The World of Crazy Science show and the year 5 and 6 pupils learning to be safe on their bikes! Phew! Where to begin! So last week Rob from Red Cross came in to talk to us all about something really important - first aid. But wait! We're only children - why would we need to know the basics of first aid? Well, it turns out children as young as 3 can perform first aid and save a life! Rob taught us the basics - it was very hands on and we practiced moving each other into the recovery position - which is a safe place to lie someone if they are unconscious. We understand the importance of making a 111 call and even practiced making calls (not using real phones - of course) and learned all the different things you need to be able to say such as: your name, location, what's wrong with the casualty... There is so much to remember but Rob gave us our own reference work book which we can keep and use for anytime we might need it in the future. Hey - we even got a certificate! Today the year 5 and 6 pupils in Henderson were really lucky to learn all about cycle safety. The team from Big Foot came in to teach us how to be road savvy and generally be safe when we're out on the road. We learned what safety clothing we need to wear and how to wear our helmet (and more importantly why!). When we were out on the playground we were taught the four step safety check when looking at our bikes to make sure they are roadworthy. Going around the playground and completing the different drills was such fun! A HUGE thanks to Rob from Red Cross and Big Foot Cycling for all our fun over the past couple of weeks! Don't forget to check in for the next installment when we'll be showing off our Maori art work!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Amazing Auckland Zoo

Hi everyone!

What a busy week we've had in Henderson class starting on Tuesday when we all trundled off to visit the zoo. One of the best things about this experience was that it was totally free thanks to the Warehouse and Ritchies bus company who sponsored the whole experience. So a BIG thanks from us all in Henderson.

We were VERY lucky with the weather as recently it seems to have done nothing else but rain. Anyway we were met by our lovely instructor Kirsty who took us for a quick tour of some of the parts of the zoo where we met some animals which are endemic to New Zealand. This basically means they can only be found in New Zealand. An example of one of these animals is a Tuatara which resembles a lizard but is NOT a lizard. These are protected otherwise are in danger of becoming extinct.

We were all looking forward to seeing the animals in Africa and it was so cool to see the elephants and giraffes. There were even some ostriches with HUGE ostrich eggs - waaay bigger than the fertilised eggs we hatched in school. I'm not sure how big the incubator would have needed to be to care for them eggs...

Miss Berry's favorite part of the zoo was Australia because she has was travelling around Australia before she started at Hay Park. It was so cool to see the wallaby joeys being fed by the zoo keepers and the weird rat like creatures called Tasmanian Devils.

Check out our photos. We simply did not have enough time to see everything!!

Til next time... 😀