Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Bad Habits!

Buenos Dias!

This week Room 6 have been talking about their bad habits. We would love to share with you some of our bad habits! Make sure that you check out all of the children's blogs to find out what their individual bad habits are. Many of them share the same bad habit. Can you guess what it is?

Here is Miss Berry's bad habit:

Today I want to share with you all about my bad habits. Everybody has a bad habit but not everybody has the same ones. Bad habits are something you have no control over and you struggle to stop doing even if you are told not to. They are often things you sometimes do without thinking. Some people pick their nose (and eat it) while others simply eat too much chocolate. I have many bad habits but my worst habit has got to be biting my fingernails.

Firstly, biting your nails is one of the most gross habits in the world. Why? Think about what you do with your hands everyday… You use them for everything: typing on your chromebook, opening doors, eating your lunch and even wiping your bum! Bacteria likes to fester underneath fingernails because they are a warm, safe place to breed. When I put my fingers in my mouth and begin to chew at my poor fingernails, I am also eating the germs - including poo particles. Disgusting! It can also ruin your teeth as it can wear away at the enamel and mean your teeth are chipped.

I therefore think it’s time to quit the habit! Has anyone managed to break this habit? Maybe you can give me some tips!

See you later! :)

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