Monday, July 9, 2018

World’s Best Pancakes

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

We have finally reached the end of term and holidays are underway. Over the next 2 weeks I will be blogging about what I’m up to in order to keep in contact with my students in Room 6 and give them some ideas about what they can blog.

So it’s day one of the holidays and I decided to do something I can’t usually do at 11.30am on a Monday... Pancakes! I think I have found the best recipe to make these light, fluffy circles of mouthwatering delight.

This is what they looked like before I devoured them...

Topped with marvelous maple syrup, wicked whipped cream and a picturesque view of the Manukau Harbour. A glorious start to the holidays - wouldn't you say?

I think they're the world's best pancakes - but are they?

If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts why not leave me a comment and give me some cooking suggestions or check out my students blogs to see what they're up to. They can also found on this page.

That's all for now.

See ya!

Miss Berry - Parekowhai Class Teacher.


  1. Kia ora Miss Berry!

    We loved seeing how you spent your first day of the school holidays. Harris Class have done a bit of writing about our holidays this morning. Hopefully we will get these posted on our blogs so you can see what we have been up to. We think your pancakes look delicious, and could possibly be the world's best pancakes. We would love it if you could give us the recipe, or even better, make them for us to taste. What do you think?

    From Harris Class

  2. Hi Harris Class,

    Room 6 have been working on some writing for their blogs this morning too and we'll have them up on our blogs to check out soon. So keep your eyes peeled! We'll definitely be checking out your blogs to see what you got up to during the holidays.

    Next time I make the pancakes I will try and take some videos or photos to show you how to make them!

    Miss B and the Parekowhai crew :)